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We understand the importance of making a great first impression in the job market. That's why we offer Gruvy Resumes; a unique solution to set yourself apart from the competition. We'll take your best image and tailor it to match the industry you're applying to, creating a professional look that showcases your strengths and experience.

Stand Out from
the competition

Created right here at Gruvy Graphics; employers are not only impressed, but “blown away” by this new custom resume’ style, and only our clients even know it exists! 

Just send us your photo and reumse information and we'll do the rest. Typical turn around is 24  hours for a single cover design and additional 24 hours for resume edits. Get started today and get headed down the path of success

Cover Only
Price $37.99

Cover w/ Resume
Price $49.99

w/ Cover Letter
Price $65.00
Gruvy Resume

Build Your Gruvy Resume' In 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1:

businessman on laptop

Enter your personal information as it will appear on your resume. We will also use this as your shipping information unless specified otherwise upon placing your order.

Upload Info

Step 2:

black man portrait

Upload your resume' below to send your document directly to us. You may also email your information to: Request will be processed once (step #3) is complete.

Upload Photo

Step 3:

Gruvy Resume'

Place your order below to complete the resume builder process. Your resume will be completed within 2-4 hours and emailed to your address.

(Ai coming soon!)

Order Resume'
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