Legal / Lawfirm website design

Professional Legal Websites designed to make your firm a trusted name and competitive force in your local community.


  • Unique Design

  • Mobile Site Design

  • Contact Form

  • Google Map

  • Subscription Form

  • Online Booking

  • Up to 5-8 pages

  • Photo Gallery

  • Video Player

  • 3rd Party App Compatible

  • Refund Policy

    Customers are eligible for 100% refund on all orders  within 24 hours of request, or in the event that more than 24 hours has expired without the job being placed into production.  Once jobs have been placed into production and time has been spent on a particular project, the customer will be given the refunded balance of any time  left to spend on the project. Gruvy Graphics will provide the customer with an accurate account of time spent on projects where a refund is required.




Frequently asked questions

What is your refund policy?

Buyers can recieve refunds of the full amount of the purchase less an 20% service fee, in the event that a designer has not fullfilled the buyers request in a timely manner, and/or has not completed the service to the buyer. *No refunds for jobs that have been already completed with payments that have already been disbursed to the designer/seller.

How many revisions can I get?

Revisions are set pertaining to each seller of each service. Refer to the sellers job description for revision information.

What is the turnaround?

Turnaround time varies depending upon the package selected by the buyer. Turnaround times can be set from a rush 6hr deliver to a 5 day delivery.

How will my files be sent?

The buyers files will be sent by by the designer upon completion of the assignment. Types of files vary depending on the packages selected and according to the job preferences.

How are payments handled?

Gruvy handles and keeps all payments paid by the buyer until the buers job is completed to the buyers likings. Once the jobs are okayed by the buyer payments are dsbursed to the seller of the product immediately. *No refunds for jobs that have been already completed with payments that have already been disbursed to the designer/seller.

Where is my designer located?

Gruvy exists to connect American business owners/buyers with freelance designers/sellers. Our platform is dedicated to American freelance graphic designers and advertisers in an effort to help the buyer locate and develope a relationship with a graphic design closest to his/her geographic location.

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