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For online entertainment and online community platforms


  • Unique Design

  • Domain & Hosting (1yr)

  • Mobile Site Design

  • Blog

  • Ticket Booth

  • Subscription Form

  • Up to 100 pages

  • 3 Free e-letters per mo

  • Member Login w/ Database

  • E-Commerce Store

  • Keyword SEO

  • Google SEO

  • Slideshow Galleries

  • Video Galleries

  • Refund Policy

    Customers are eligible for 100% refund on all orders  within 24 hours of request, or in the event that more than 24 hours has expired without the job being placed into production.  Once jobs have been placed into production and time has been spent on a particular project, the customer will be given the refunded balance of any time  left to spend on the project. Gruvy Graphics will provide the customer with an accurate account of time spent on projects where a refund is required.


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