"We are a national freelance graphic design and website development portal  based in the United States of America.

Our mission is to restore the American graphic design industry and offer the Amerrican entrepreneur and/or business owner an opportunity to located a skilled professional designer  within the United States and within proximity of the consumers geographic location. 


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We provide an opportunity for millions of American graphic designers and business owners alike to connect and build long-term working relationships.

"We are a U.S. Veteran & Minority Owned Company serving the entire worldwide business community"

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At Gruvy Graphics, we believe in creating success through the influential power of design. In addition to your choice of designers, we house a professional staff of graphic designers, website developers, and marketing professionals that can handle all of your needs with expertise.

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Our mission is to boost the American Economy and the personal wealth of each one of our clients through the influential power of art & design. We hand pick the highest skilled designers from within the United States who combine the science of design and advertising with their individual artistic gifts on every project, which offers you a better return on your investment at a faster rate. It is also our passion to help shape the future of American Business and make advertising easy, fun, and make it work for you!

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