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Start your own
Social Network!

Control Your World.

"Never lose contact with friends and family online over social media censorship again!"


Why you need your own social network?

With the rise of social media suppression, more and more people are creating their own social experiences online and Gruvy Graphics is on the front line of the movement with pre-designed templates and a selection pricing budgets just right for you. Build your social site overtime, or have Gruvy design and maintain it for you. The New Era in social media entertainment is in your hands! Here's what you get and more...

What does it include?

  • Community Posts

  • Private Messenger

  • Video Podcasts

  • Member Groups

  • Place Calls & Send $$$

  • Member Profiles

  • Dedicated App

    + Lots more!

Personal Network -vs- Social Group

While a social media group is fun to have to reel in other members on social media who may have similar interests, it is still regulated by that platforms community standards. In many cases, for the big tech platforms at least; they are often monitored by governments, or third parties and have strict policies that restrict your freedom of expression. 


Starting your own  social media network allows you the privacy to set your own community standards and rest at the ease of being in your own world (without government monitoring, or platform interference. ) You also eliminate the risks of being de-platformed for not being in line with current agenda's that the platform may bring forth. 

Having your own social media network also gives you instant monetization capabilities such as setting subscriptions, selling ads, products, and the freedom of coming up with your own creative ways to monetize your platform through video podcasts and more, that appeal directly to your specific audience. 

Stay in contact with. family members and friends online and never worry about being loosing communications on important Holidays, Birthday's and Special Occasions again.  Gruvy Social networks are also perfect for Families Reunions,  keeping in touch from abroad, placing calls via instant messenger, sharing experiences through posts in a social setting, and even sending money by downloading the dedicated app powered by our Wix Spaces partners. 

In conclusion; having your own personal social media network gives you FREEDOM of Speech and Expression along with the opportunity to live at ease with "like-minds" and eliminate the clutter of the disorganized world around you, focusing on family,  real friends and LIFE!




  • Post in Social Community

  • Start/Join Groups

  • Private (Encrypted) Messenger

  • Shared Photo Galleries

Table setup with devices


  • Fully customizable

  • Controlled database

  • Mobile site version

  • Dedicated app

  • Place Calls + Send Money

Music Apps


  • Share Video

  • Host Video Podcasts

  • Create Video Playlists



  • Set Subscriptions

  • Sell Products/Apps

  • Sell Ad Space

  • Host Shows Online

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