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Meet The Nations Youngest Business Owner!

Get Ready World..... Meet Adeléyah; the Worlds Youngest Business Owner!

(At just 3 years old Ade' has turned her surplus of overstocked baby clothes into a solid future with the launch of The Baby General Store. )

Fortunate enough for Ade', folks donated tons and tons of clothes when she entered into the world. Far too much for here to ever wear before growing in, past and through the baby sizes. Her dad; being a full time graphic designer, saw a unique opportunity to not only bring in the bucks, but solidify her financial future. Using the Dollar general Business Concept (for babies) Dad surely stumbled onto something great while dedicating the business solely to his 2 daughters who will receive all of the proceeds towards their day of graduation, already business owners and hopefully in the multi-millions/billions by the time they finish grade school.

The idea for the Baby General Store came from Ade' and her 6yr old sister Anasia looking at all of the garbage bags packed full of clothes and saying "We've got too many clothes and we need money for toys! Daddy can we make money with these clothes?" Of course Daddy said "YES", and two months later was born .

The Baby General Store distinguishes itself from other baby clothes retailer by being the only retailer that keeps costs under $5, while stocking new, and quality used baby, clothes, accessories, toys and more! The website will be opened up for user sales in the Summer of 21' which promises to be the NEW TREND in baby shopping! All proceeds go towards Homeless Kids Charities, a Better Education, Martial Arts, Kiddy Fun and Future Baby Entrepreneurs through the up and coming Baby General Foundation: Helping Parents See The Potential In Their Kids!

We Hope You Support Our shot at being great now because it's takes TOOO LONNNNG to grow up!!!


the baby general store!

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