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Ready to "beat the odds" in business marketing?

Eliminate your competition the second you step inside the arena with Graphic Design and Brand Marketing that delivers results.

We've split into two entities to meet your specific needs:

We've split our company into two divisions; Gruvy Graphics and Procreative, to ensure you are getting everything your business needs without everything your business does not. This means, you can take a vacation on your advertising budget and still come out on top of your competitors!


We've added a "do-it-yourself" platform to our new website which allows you to select a design template from over a decade of our most popular designs. All you have to do is choose a style, input your information, and even download photos to replace the images on our templates.

Design business cards, flyers, postcards, invites, brochures and even your own personal website, with our design team being always available to consult with you and offer the best professional advice for going in the direction you need to go to reach your goals.

Gruvy Graphics: TEAM Gruvy

We employ professional freelance designers from all over the United States of America. Selected solely upon their passions and purposes in life, natural artistic abilities, education level, years of experience, software skill level, specialty skill level, ethnic diversity skills, customer service, work ethic and deadline orientation ability.

We eliminate the need to "search" for the best designer. They're all right here. From the top college grad, to the seasoned professional of decades, we hand pick our designers based on the potential of their portfolio and ability to cary on the Gruvy quality standard. Our designers serve as customer service representatives and are available for assistance for a small consultation fee, of for hire for small to medium scale projects. For media and magazine company's, our Team Gruvy can act as your professional art department, saving you on the costs and risks of hiring with the same dependability.


From our Team Gruvy extends an elite team or designers, business coaches, and advertising and marketing professionals who assemble to tackle large scale and/or corporate projects. From business branding and identity, to "purchase provoking" graphic design and website development, creative advertising concepts, business promotional tools and consultation, digital technologies and strategic advertising concepts.

Our Procreative branding team handles all aspects of your business from the creation of your logo to drawing your customers in the door and making your register ring.


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