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Getting YouTube Subscribers Doesn’t Have to be Hard: Read These 8 Tips (INFOGRAPHIC)

You’re a small business. You’ve got your own YouTube channel. Good move! To make the most of YouTube marketing you need an abundance of subscribers. provides an informative infographic for boosting subscribers on your YouTube channel.

How to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers

Post in a ‘Hot’ YouTube Genre

Some YouTube genres work better than others. Viewers love a good comedy video on YouTube, in fact according to the infographic, 33 percent of viewers watch comedy videos on YouTube. This is quickly followed by gaming. Third in line is vlogging at 15 percent, with the least popular genres being music, food and tech. The lesson learned? Post videos of the most popular genres to generate more viewers, interest and ultimately

subscribers to your channel.

Have a YouTube Brand

Successful YouTube marketing delves deeper than merely posting videos and hoping for the best! As the infographic advises, you need to create your own YouTube brand. This can be achieved by implementing a channel banner, preferably 2560 x 1440px in size. Place your social icons within the banner. Concisely introduce your channel, hooking your audience in a matter of seconds.

Have a Custom URL

When your channel reaches 100 plus subscribers, create a custom YouTube URL to mark your high-ranking YouTube status and to demonstrate greater professionalism.

Craft a Signature Sign-On or Sign-Off

Inform subscribers when your signing in or signing off by creating a fun and engaging signature sign-on or sign-off.

Choose a Trending Topic

Some topics trend. Some topics fade. Tackling trending topics in your videos is likely to lead to more views and more subscribers.

Include a Striking Title (and Description)

Make sure your videos stand out by accompanying them with striking titles and descriptions that subtly include relevant keywords for your topic.

Don’t Forget About Calls to Actions

Remember to place a call to action at the end of your video that encourages viewers to subscribe to your channel.

And Finally, Collaborate

Collaborate with viewers to earn their respect (and subscription) by engaging with channels similar to yours and networking on YouTube meetups.

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