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What is Udemy And How Can I Use It For Business?

Type “Online marketing courses” in a browser, and you will get 29+ million results with every option imaginable. And one of the search results undoubtedly will be Udemy, an online learning platform.

What is Udemy?

Udemy has a library of over 40,000 courses, 20k instructors, and 12 million students in 190 countries around the world, so it has reach. The question is, in addition to earning money by creating courses, can you use Udemy for a business you already have.

The answer is yes, and here are some of the things it can do that can directly increase the presence of your business in the digital world, while earning you money from the courses.

How Can Udemy Benefit Your Small Business?

It can position you as an expert in your related field. Whether you are an accountant, artist, mechanic or plumber, you can create course that can teach people how to do things. You can charge for the courses or offer them for free. This in turn will drive traffic to your site by people that are ready to buy your products and services.

Udemy is also an outlet that gives you free marketing and promotion. By creating a course on the site, you have a potential audience of millions of people. These are visitors that want to engage, so their participation rate will be much higher than other ecommerce sites. And for users that take your course, you can build your list of subscribers with their name and email addresses, which can be used for future promotions.

So how do you create a course on Udemy?

Creating a Course on Udemy

Before you start, create an account and go to this link to review the quality standards of Udemy. This will ensure you are following the rules as to what the company expects. But some of what it looks for include, HD video, good audio, 5 lectures, and at least 30 minutes of video content.

As an instructor Udemy has a revenue share system where it pays you 50 percent of the net amount received for your course, minus any applicable deductions. When you are ready, go to Udemy Teach and you will see the ready to create a course page. You enter the title and you will be prompted to go to the next page.

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