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In addition, it can also be used to make up spare car keys. The reason that it is called “Smart”, is that it offers an alternative to creating online car keys or the kind that come with a key ring. DAS calculator allows you to type in VIN or other data and it will display the codes required. You can input the key and it will display on the screen. You can also check if the code that you have entered is correct. In short, you can use this to calculate car key code for example or duplicate a car key for spare use. Of course, you should not try and duplicate the whole key. You may damage your car if you do this. Steps to Calculate VIN or Vehicle Identification Number Before you can use the program you will need to create a table of VIN or other data. The VIN number must be in the following format. You may copy and paste it into the search field on the top right. The VIN must be a combination of numbers and letters. For example VIN code below is correct. Steps to Calculate Car Keys Click on Calculate Keys. Enter the number of keys you want. Click on Add. Enter VIN of the car. Click on Calculate. The screen will show the car key for your car. You can either save this or print the screen. Important Note: The car keys calculated using the DAS calculator should match the key that is used for the car. How to Duplicate Car Keys Steps to Duplicate Car Keys Enter the key code. Steps to Make Up Spare Car Keys Create a new table of vehicle data using the information in the DAS Calculator. The format of the VIN is the same as before. Go to the table of vehicle data. Enter the number of spare keys that you need. Steps to




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