Join the Graphic Design Guild of America!


We're protecting the wages of American Graphic Designers and consumers from fraudulent interaction and corruption.

We need your help to save our rapidly dying and under-apreciated industry.

Graphic design is the backbone of American business. Without it no, business can survive.  Every business needs a brand and needs to advertise their services to a respective market. In this age of “America first”, we intend to keep this industry American. While other forms of artistic expression are legally protected in our land; being the writers association, the actors guild, and various recording artists associations that protect their members wages and  offer other forms of legal help, graphic designer have NO protection to ensure their wages are protected, leaving them vulnerable to consumers who would rather pay less; therefore, causing them to accept any wage for survival. This a;terminatively makes it harder for up and coming designers to claim their relevance and received a fair compensation for their time and creativity.

Furthermore; this organized union will not only protect employed designers wages, and freelance designers from not receiving payments in a timely manner, but also to protect the consumer from fraudulent designers as we hold each of our members to higher standards that anyone who would label themselves as “graphic designers” who have no background or education in their respective profession.  For this, we need working capitol to handle legalities and arbitration through a law firm partner/relationship; as well as, distributing our model across the country making our union not only available, but ultimately desired by each and every designer in America.

Our union will save to boost the American Economy by keeping graphic design services at home rather than abroad, decreasing our national debt through the American courthouse by serving in litigations and a legal protection to each of our members. 

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