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Graphic Design Office


 Gruvy Graphics is home to the greatest graphic designers in the world. Not only do we have our own "in-house" design team, our goal is to be home to thousands of designers around the globe, providing both you (the client) and freelance designers the opportunity to make the connection that will change your lives.  Select your designer based on the work style you love the best, or by location, or area of expertise. 

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National HQ

Tampa, Florida (813) 802-4191


National Sales

Charlotte, North Carolina

*Information available upon request.


East Coast Distribution and Printing

Hampton, Virginia: (757) 933-1210


Corporate Office

Las Vegas, Nevada: (702) 430-7622

3651 Lindell Road Las Vegas Nevada 89103


International Sales

London, United Kingdom

*Information available upon request.

Art Director | Senior Designer

Lamonte J. 

Advertising & Marketing Director

Mallory L.

Sales - East Coast  Johnny Dukes

Sales - West Coast  Shayanne Andujar

Print Department

Richard B.

Lead Design Team 

Lamonte J. - Senior Designer (INT)

Richard B. - Lead Designer (VA)

Jasmyne S. - Lead Designer (S.FL)

Jennifer C. - Lead Designer (N.FL)

Lieah Nicole S. - Graphic Designer (NV)



Richard B. - North/East Region

Nicole L. - Southern Region

Shareese R. - West Coast Region

Video & Commercial Production

Shyanne A.

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